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How to “Groupon” Yourself Some Good Deals

We all love to save money, right?  Whether your favorite store is having a huge sale, you find a coupon in the mail, or see an ad in the newspaper, the end result is the same: saving money to do the things we enjoy and buy the things we love!  Now this concept has spread to the Internet. Groupon is a website that features daily deals on restaurants, sights to visit, dance or workout classes, and so many other activities. These daily deals are essentially “coupons” – they offer you savings for yourself and others if you choose to buy one as a gift.  For example, for a certain deal, you may be able to pay $10 and receive a $20 voucher for a restaurant. These deals can be purchased on the Internet or even Android devices or iPhones, to be used when you arrive at the site of your choosing.  One of the perks about Groupon is that even if you don’t use it by the expiration date, you can always redeem it for the amount you paid — so all is never lost.  Let’s learn how to use Groupon so you can find yourself some good deals!  

First, go to www.groupon.com.  To sign up, enter in your email address, location, and fill in all the required info.  If you have signed up in the past, sign in with your username and password.  You can always change the city you are subscribing to in order to receive deals for that area.  On top of the page in large white letters, it should say the city of your choosing.  If you ever wish to change this, simply click on the down arrow next to the city name, and you can search the U.S. by state to choose a new city. 

There are five main tabs on the top center of the page.  The first tab says “Featured Deal.”  This displays the deal of the day.  On the left hand side of the page of any deal, there is a green icon that says “Buy!”  Click on this if you wish to purchase the deal.  Before purchasing any deal, make sure to read the details and fine print displayed below the picture and name of the deal.  Below the “Buy!” icon, it will display the actual value of the deal, the discount you are receiving, and how much money you are saving in dollar amount.  Below that, you have the option to “Buy it for a friend!”  The time left to buy the deal is displayed below this, and the quantity bought is the final number displayed on the bottom row of this box.  

If there is a deal that you wish to share with your friends online, Groupon lets you do this via social networking websites or email. Underneath the “Buy!” box, there are 5 mini icons to tweet (Twitter), pin it (Pinterest), email, or Facebook the Groupon deal.  The blue “t” allows you to share the link to the deal on your Twitter account, the envelope icon opens Microsoft Outlook so that you can e-mail the link to a friend. Likewise, the “Pin it” icon will post the deal onto your Pinterest account, and the blue “f” icon stands for Facebook.  You can either Send the link via Facebook or “Like” it on Facebook, which will also display the deal you like on your Facebook account.  

The second tab is “All Deals.”  When you click on this tab, you have an option to view either all types of deals, or to select the area in which you want to find a deal: Food & Drink, Events & Activities, Beauty & Spa, Fitness, Health, Home & Auto, Shopping, and Education.  There is an additional option listed labeled Rewards. This is a rewards program that you can sign up for to receive exclusive deals when you use your credit or debit card at certain businesses. 

The third tab is “Now! Deals.”  As the name indicates, these display deals that are to be used on the SAME day as purchase.  Some of these deals may differ than those listed under “All Deals,” so make sure to browse through these and take advantage of some of the great deals they have to offer. 

The fourth tab is “Getaways.”  These are deals featured by Groupon with Expedia for getaway offers to travel in the United States and even around the globe.  There are hotel deals and travel packages listed under this tab, and often you can save fifty percent or more on these getaway offers. 

The fifth tab is a newer option – the “Goods” tab.  These are essentially your material items, which can range anywhere from a GPS to suede boots to shower curtains to diamond earrings.  You can save anywhere between fifty to ninety percent on these “last chance” deals. 

So if you love finding yourself some good deals, Groupon will definitely help you accomplish that – and if you are a subscriber, you will receive daily deals straight to your email account.  Enjoy!