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How to Kick Twitter Addiction

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If you suffer from many of the symptoms outlined in the previous post [3], following a few easy steps can get you out of the grip of Twitter addiction. That is, if you think you need to take it easy – as in, it’s affecting life at work and home.

1. Turn off email notifications in your Twitter account. These usually tell you if anyone is following you on Twitter. We know new followers give you a high, butĀ  if you want to de-addict yourself, this should be your first step.

2. It gets tougher. The second step is to stop tweeting. No, not entirely. Just for one day. Yes, you can do it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post.

3. Reply to direct messages (DMs) and @replies only once a day. And thisĀ  should be just before you leave office or when you reach home. Or any time in the day. Just remember, this should be the only time, you reply to all your Twitter messages. Just once a day.

4. Start blogging. There’s a certain joy in being descriptive about things that affect you. The string attached? You have to stop tweeting and start converting every tweet into a blog post. So instead of saying if a certain movie was crappy, go ahead and show why it was crappy in a 300-word blog post.

5.Okay, okay. You do have avid followers on Twitter and you can’t not tweet. So sure, go ahead and schedule your tweets for the whole week in one fell swoop.

6. Now comes the final nail in the Twitter coffin. Tweet that you are moving to a new social networking platform, like Facebook or Google+ and will update only you have to. Of course, you will lose out on a few of your followers, but several others might start following you on Facebook or Google+.

7. Now what if you become a Facebook or Google+ addict, you ask? Well, that’s for a future post.

~Zahid H Javali