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How to Make Sub Folders

Marshall in Michigan asks:

How can I make sub folder?

Hello Marshall and thanks for the great question. It is very simple to make sub folders on your Windows 7 computer. You can make sub folders to help you better organize your documents. You can make as many as you wish by performing the following steps. First, let’s create a folder…

Create a folder on the Desktop

First, we will create a folder on your desktop. Minimize all windows that you have open so you can see your desktop.

Right-click on any blank area of your desktop, and then click New. Click Folder from the menu.

Windows 7 will automatically create a new folder and put it on your desktop. The folder will be named “New Folder” automatically.

Rename the folder by clicking on the name and typing a new name for it. Click anywhere outside of the folder and the name is changed.

You can now start using your new folder by putting new files into it. You and drag and drop any file into the new folder.

Create a Sub folder in Windows Explorer Inside other Folders

In most cases, you will want to create sub folders somewhere other than your desktop. You can easily create sub folders in Windows Explorer.

Open Windows Explorer by clicking the Start button, type Windows Explorer in the search bar, and then click on Windows Explorer in the search results.

Navigate to the place where you want to create a subfolder.

Right-click any empty area and select New. Select Folder from the menu. A new folder will automatically appear at the bottom of the list. The default name for the new folder is New Folder. You can easily change this name by clicking on it and then retyping it.

You can also click the New Folder button from the toolbar at the top to create a new subfolder even quicker.

We hope this tip has been helpful for you in creating sub folders on your computer.