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How to Mount a Drive in Windows 7

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Mounting is an advanced disk management technique by which you can map an empty folder on any other hard disk partition. Let’s say you used to work on an important folder present inside the C drive, but now the drive has no space left. Now you are unable to create or copy any new file inside the folder of C drive. By using the mounting feature, you can create new empty subfolders within the important folder, and mount any other drive of your computer to that subfolder.

In other words, mounting creates a link between two different drives. You can easily create or save any new file inside your favorite folder, because now the space used will be that of the mounted drive. This is a step by step guide to mount and dismount a drive in Windows PC.

How to mount a drive

Click the Start button and then right click on Computer and select Manage.


In the left pane of the Computer Management window, click Disk Management. All the disk partitions will be displayed on the right.


Right click on the partition in which you want to mount on the folder. Select the option, Change Drive Letter and Paths…, from the right click menu.


In the change drive letter dialog box, click on the Add button.


Select the option, Mount in the following empty NTFS folder: and click the Browse button.


Select the empty folder from the list of volumes given. If there is no empty folder in the selected partition, then click on the New Folder button to create one.


That’s it. The disk is mounted to empty folder. You can check the changed folder icon. When you click on it, you will be redirected to the mounted drive.


You can now the save any file inside this folder and it will use the space of mounted drive.

How to dismount a drive

Click the Start button, right click on Computer and select the Manage option.

In the Computer Management dialog box, click on the Disk Management.

Right click on the mounted drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths…


Select the folder on which you mounted the drive and then click Remove.


That’s how you can mount and then remove the mounted drive in Windows 7.

~Himanshu Yadav

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