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How to Remove a Password From Windows 7

Juma from FL writes:

Hi, is there any other way of removing a password in windows 7 other than using an independent software?

Do you mean if you know the password and don’t want to use one, or if you’ve forgotten the password?

Here are the directions for both.

If you know the password, but don’t want to have to enter it when you log in you can easily remove it.

Click on the Start button, then control panel. Now click on Add/Remove User Accounts, and then click on the account name you want to remove the password from. Click Remove the password, type in the password and click Remove password.

Next time you log in when you click on that user it will log you right in.

remove password

If you do not know the password, you will need a utility to manually remove the password.

The most popular of these utilities is Offline NT Password Editor which can be downloaded here [1] and burned to a CD. There are detailed instructions on how to use this program, but it isn’t without its dangers. If you use any type of encryption in Windows, this either will fail or will make your computer inaccessible.

This should only be used as a last resort if you’ve totally forgotten your password and are locked out of Windows.

WARNING: This is a very ADVANCED technical tool and can cause significant damage to your system. ONLY proceed if you have no other choice, or you are aware and have read the entire walk through guide and information on NT Password Editor. You have been warned. 

There is a detailed walk-through available [2] of the software here, but here are the prompts you should receive:

Disks: Disk /dev/sda: 42.9 GB, 42949672960 bytes Candidate Windows partitions found:

1 : /dev/sda1 40958MB BOOT

Please select partition by number or

q = quit
d = automatically start disk drivers
m = manually select disk drivers to load
f = fetch additional drivers from floppy / usb
a = show all partitions found
l= show propbable Windows (NTFS) partitions only

Select: [1]

For this prompted you will most likely type 1, or type whichever number is next to the line that says BOOT at the end. Type the number and press enter.

Next you will be asked:

Select which part of registry to load, use predefined choices

or list the files with space as delimiter

1- Password reset [sam system security]
2 – RecoveryConsole parameters [software]
q – quit – return to previous

[1] :

Type 1 and press enter.

Next you will be prompted:

1 – Edit user data and passwords
2 – Syskey status & change
3- RecoveryConsole settings – – –
9 – Registry editor, now with full write support!
q – Quit (you will be asked if there is something to save)

What to do? [1] ->

Type 1 and press enter.

The next step is to select your username

Select: ! – quit, . – list users, 0x – User with RID (hex) or simply enter the username to change: [Administrator]

Type in your username as shown above this command. You should see a bunch of different logins including Administrator be sure to type in the username of the user you want to delete the password of and press enter.

You will then be prompted with:

– – – – User Edit Menu:

1 – Clear (blank) user password
2 – Edit (set new) user password (careful with this on XP or Vista)
3 – Promote user (make user an administrator)
(4 – Unlock and enable user account) [seems unlocked already]
q – Quit editing user, back to user select

Select: [q] >

Type 1 and press enter.

Your next step is to type ! which will then bring you back to the main menu

Loaded hives:  

1 – Edit user data and passwords
2 – Syskey status & change
3 – RecoveryConsole settings – – –
9 – Registry editor, now with full write support!
q – Quit (you will be asked if there is something to save)

Type q and press enter and when prompted to write files back type y and press enter.

You can now press Ctrl + Alt + Del to reboot your computer and remove the boot disk from the CD drive. If successful, when Windows starts the password should be removed.