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How to Remove the Arrow from Desktop Shortcuts

Jim from Apple Valley, California writes:

I finally up-graded my computer to Win 7 and have a question. In WinXP, there was a way to take the little arrow out of the icon for programs on my desktop. Is there a way to do that in Win 7?

We’ve all had visions of 3 monitors stacked landscape on our desks giving us a mega-space to search funny words on Google or to play memory-crunching HD games.

Once the vision is realized, and a fortress of monitors is finally at your disposal, it may turn out that the little things that mess up your screen can sometimes be the most important.

This tip will show you how to quickly remove those pesky little short cut arrows from your beautifully designed desktop once and for all!

Just click this download link [1] and download the file.

Install the contents by clicking through the setup screens as shown.

Once installed click the newly created desktop icon shown below to open the program that will erase the arrows.


When the program opens just tick the relevant box.

In this case we want to remove the shortcut arrows altogether, so choose “no arrow” and then apply the changes and restart your computer when prompted.

So that’s it! You also have the option to change the arrows as apposed to removing them altogether, using this nifty little program.

~Matthew McGuire