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How to Resume Downloading with Your iPad

Barb from Kenora Ontario writes:

My iPad has stopped allowing me to download updates or purchases – I get a message box that says I cannot connect to the American site I need to reconnect to the Canadian site. How do I do this?

Owning the gadget is not only what it takes to make things go along your way. Annoying isn’t it? There could be many reasons for this, and in this article, we are going to solve that dilemma so chill!

It is important before giving up totally that you thoroughly check your Wi-Fi connections. When using a Wi-Fi network with your iPad you may encounter the following problems:

Not able to locate a Wi-Fi network able to access a nearby Wi-Fi network

Connected to Wi-Fi network, but not able to access the Internet

Low or weak Wi-Fi signal strength

Given these situations, downloads for updates and purchases are more likely to be a failure. These are fundamental things but sometimes we tend to complicate things by digging deeper when the problem is right before our two eyes. Now you might be interested in solving this. Here we go!

Basic Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques for Wi-Fi on iOS device.

When dealing with the inaccessibility to the Canadian Apple Site try the following:

Reminder! It is advisable that you have sufficient brightness on your screens for visibility. Make sure that the screen brightness is high. If your screen brightness, is set to the lowest level, into, settings > brightness, and wallpaper. If brightness is set at a low, increase the level by adjusting the slider to the right and turn off auto brightness


No good?

If after having done all that you notice the signal strength from the Wi-Fi is weak or fluctuates and is not connecting you straight away to the Canadian site, it may be that your router is the problem. It could be that older third-party routers may not be compatible with the iPad devices, even after updating to the latest firmware. This is because the technology used in new.

Moreover, it will be a good idea to talk with Wi-Fi router’s manufacturer to learn if it is compatible with an iPad. It could be that a minor fluctuation in the connectivity is what is causing problems. Make sure you check the wireless security option of your Wi-Fi router. If you are on WEP, try switching to WPA2 or WPA.


Some Wi-Fi routers rely on WEP wireless security that may cause intermittent connectivity problems because some of the WEP system has not been updated to work with the iPad. It could be the cause of not allowing you to connect to the Canadian site. This will require re-typing a password into the system and then attempting to connect. Switching to either a WPA or WPA2 wireless on your network will correct this intermittent fault. After doing so you may now try again connecting to the Canadian Apple site. WPA and WPA2 encryption protocols are new, more effective security options for wireless networks than the outdated WEP.

Renew IP address

In bigger wireless networks, it may be necessary to renew your IP address. You can renew the current IP address by going through the following steps:


Patience–just that and a little resourcefulness and voila! You’ll have what you desire.