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How To Send Pictures/Videos from iPad/iOS

Lore from NC writes:

Can you tell me how to send pictures and video I have taken on my iPad? I am trying to send it to the family computer. Thanks!

Apple has a fantastic walk-through on how to transfer photos and videos to your computer available here [1], but if you want to send the pictures/videos directly from the iPad, here’s a quick rundown:

The easiest way I’ve found to send pictures from your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) is to start by going into the Photo or Video App, selecting the photo or video you want to share and tapping the send icon.

Next, a menu will pop up asking you how you wish to send it. Depending on the device, the options may be slightly different, but Email Photo should be available for all iDevices. Tap Email photo.

For videos you will be presented with Email, Messaging and Upload to YouTube. YouTube is great for longer clips which can’t easily be downloaded (anything longer¬†than 60 seconds).

Now the e-mail window will come up. Enter in the e-mail address of the person you wish to receive the image or video and type in a subject line and message to them. Tap on send and you will be prompted to resize the image or send the original if it’s a large photo. I usually use Medium for pictures I just want viewed on a phone and original for pictures I want the person to be able to save, edit or print.¬† For videos, make sure the video is short (or once again use the upload to YouTube option and watch the video there).

Once you tap the size option you want your image will be sent.

When you upload to YouTube you will be presented with information on the address to your video and be able to put in a title and description. Make sure you select Public, Unlisted or Private at the bottom of the upload screen. Public videos can be seen and searched by anyone. Unlisted videos won’t be viewable by anyone unless they have the direct link to the video. Private videos can’t be viewed unless you send that person an invite to view it. Tap Publish when you’re ready to upload your video.

Once your video is uploaded you can share the address with friends over e-mail, text, view it on a desktop computer or in the YouTube app.