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How to Set a Website as a Shortcut

Gloria from CA writes:

I have a web site that I use daily and have to type the www address every time. Is there a way to give it an icon and pin it to the toolbar? Thanks!

You can do this by creating a new shortcut on your desktop to the website address, then pin it to the task bar. It’s really easy!

Step 1) Right click on an empty area of your desktop and go down to New then left click create Shortcut.


Step 2) Type into the “Type the location of the item:” box the full website address begining with http://www. For example if you want to go to worldstart.com type in: http://www.worldstart.com and press Next


Step 3) Type in a name for the shortcut describing what it is in the “Type a name for this shortcut:” box and press Finish.

Step 4) The next step is to pin your web browser to your task bar if it’s not already there. Click Start > Programs > then go to your internet web browser icon, right click it and select Pin to Taskbar. (If you already have an internet browser icon always on your task bar (even when you close your web browser), you can skip this step.


Step 5) Click and hold the mouse button on the shortcut you made to the website and drag it over to your internet browser icon on your task bar. Once it is over it, let go of the mouse button.


Step 6) Now when you right click on internet explorer you should see your link at the top of the menu! You can add other pinned items to this the same way.

You can delete the shortcut from your desktop once you’ve dragged/dropped it. Internet explorer will remember it.


The same instructions work with Firefox. You can also drag the shortcut on to your start menu to put it there or just leave it on your desktop and click the desktop icon to go right to the website.