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How to Show the Day of Week on Windows Taskbar Clock

Kent from Maryland writes:

I am using Windows 7. I would like the DAY to display with the date. For example, Thursday 12/14/11. Where is this option located?

The clock in the windows taskbar can be changed to display the date in quite a few different ways. To add the current day of the week left click on the time in the bottom right-hand corner>left click “change date and time settings…”>left click “change date and time…”>left click “change calendar settings” then in the Short Date box change the text to: dddd M/d/yyyy  then click ok. You can now close all of the other windows that were open.

Note: You can also switch the dddd which will give you the long day name (IE: Monday) to ddd which will give you the short day name (IE: Mon)

How to add day of week