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How to Stop Low Disk Space Warning

Are you getting one of these annoying popups telling you that you have low disk space? This message can be helpful if you don’t know you’re reaching the capacity limit, but sometimes you’re aware of what you’re doing and don’t need a reminder.

So, how do you stop these popups?

Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers:

1) Hold down the Windows Key and press the letter R (or go to Start > Run). This will open a run window.

2) Type Regedit.exe and press enter.

3) In Regedit, on the left hand side, click on (in order) HKEY_CURRENT_USER then SOFTWARE then Microsoft then Windows then CurrentVersion then Policies then Explorer

4) Right click on Explorer  and left click New then DWORD (32bit) Value and name it NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and press Enter.

5) Double click on NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and change Value data from 0 to 1 and press OK.

6) Reboot your computer and now those annoying Low Disk Space messages will never come up again.

Note: this tip involves editing the Windows Registry. If you are unsure of how to proceed, please consult a professional. You have been warned!