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How to Tat Lace

I really love all sorts of crafts, and we had a reader ask if I had found any good sites on tatting lace. Oddly enough, I was already on the hunt for a site on lace tatting, because I found that my local yarn store has the materials and I’ve been tempted to try and learn. Then I ran into some patterns on Etsy that were really adorable and further piqued my interest. I found this site and it has very clear instructions on what you need and how to tat.

I’ve started you out on the How to Tat page. You’ll find directions on what materials you need to get started, how to thread your shuttle and all the different stitches that are used to create this gorgeous lace.

If you don’t know what tatted lace looks like, be sure to check out the Gallery section. Where you’ll find stunning examples of lace the author of the site made.

In the patterns section you’ll regular patterns (motifs, edgings, 3D items, doilies, bookmarks, and miscellaneous) as well as antique patterns!

If you click the Home link, you’ll be whisked away to the home page where you’ll find a lace crossword and word search and a tatting crossword and word search. You’ll also find links to learn more about make lace with another method using a bobbin.

This is an interesting look at how to make lace, check it out today!