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How to use a HD TV as a Computer Monitor

Richard from Connecticut writes:

How do I use an HD TV as my computer monitor?

Many modern HDTV’s include two popular options for connecting your computer. Older computers (and some recent ones) will use a connection called Dsub (or VGA), and is usually a blue tipped 15 Pin connection on the back of your computer. It uses a male to male cable VGA cable to plug into the PC on one end and the TV on the other. It only transmits video, so you’ll also need to connect an audio cable from your computers speaker port to the audio input. Dsub can be be labeled VGA, PC IN, Monitor or Dsub, depending on your TV.

Newer computers will include a HDMI output, which is a flat male to male ended cable which transmits both video and sound, and is capable of displaying at the highest resolutions. If your computer includes a HDMI connection, it is the best way to connect it to a HDTV.

Once you connect your computer you must make sure to reference your TV’s manual for the proper resolution settings for your computer, as a 720p TV or 1080p TV will have a different resolution then most typical computer monitors. You can change the resolution by going to Display in Control Panel in Windows or System Preferences > Display on a mac. It is always recommended to use the native resolution of the TV as described in the manual.

HDTV Input

Hope this helps!