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How to Use a Portable GPS System

A Portable GPS system can be used in many ways, and is a great tool to own. For example, you can use a GPS tracking device in your vehicle to help you find your way while you are driving to a new location. You can also use it on a boat when you are fishing, if you are taking a long bike ride, or going on a hike. Using a GPS system, you will never get lost again.

You can also use a portable GPS system as a tracking device. For example, if you have an expensive motorcycle, you can put a GPS tracking device on it so you will be able to track it if it gets stolen. Many business owners use tracking devices on their company trucks so they can keep up with their employees and know where they are driving.

Set up your Portable GPS System

Portable GPS systems are wireless, so you can use them for many different things, and most are easily portable from one vehicle to another, without having to move a lot of equipment.

When you first open your new portable GPS system, plug it into an electrical outlet and allow it to fully charge before you put it in your vehicle. In most cases, a fully charged GPS will last you approximately eight hours. When you place it in your car, you should understand that it cannot track as easily through metal. It can easily track through glass, however, and most people place the device on their windshield. It will also track through other materials, such as plastic, any type of fabric, foam, or even wood.

The portable GPS system can be plugged into your cigarette lighter when used in your vehicle. When you first power it on, you will be asked to select your language, and then select your home address. The screen will automatically prompt you for your next response. Some portable GPS systems allow you to select the shortest route to a certain destination, or you can tell the system that you want to avoid certain highways or roads.

Select your destination using the touch screen on your portable GPS unit – select the state, and then enter the address of your destination. Most systems will “find” your address after you enter in a few letters automatically. Once you enter the street name, the unit will display a list of streets that you can select from. Select the city by typing it into the unit, or you can select the city from a list displayed on the screen.

If you do not know the street address, enter a restaurant, gas station, shopping mall or other destination into the unit and it will list the establishments in that area. You can then select that establishment and the address will appear on your screen. Select the Navigate or Go button when you are ready to start your trip, or you are ready to track. A map will be displayed on your screen, as well as written directions, and a computerized voice will instruct you as you travel to your destination.

Portable GPS Tracking Options

All portable GPS tracking devices will have different options, but most devices require that you navigate to their website to activate your account. The website address and instructions to do this will be in the manual that you receive with your device. Once you navigate to this website, you will see many different tracking options that you can utilize. You can also find information about the object that you are tracking, such as its exact location and speed of travel. Look in your user manual for many different tracking options.

~Rita Wood