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How to Use Pinterest

Remember the days when you used to pin up the things you like onto a board to help you brainstorm and keep track of different ideas and interests?  Whether it be recipes, photos, comics, inspirational ideas – you name it!  This concept is now on the Internet, and it is called Pinterest. Your very own online pinboard, allowing you to share all these pictures, ideas, and sentiments with people across the globe.  For example, many people use pinboards to plan out and organize their weddings, decorate their houses, and keep track of new and favorite recipes.  The possibilities of what you can do with Pinterest are endless, and that’s what has made this site so popular and even addictive in the recent months.  So, why not open an account today and start connecting with other people who share the same interests and tastes as you?  Why not be inspired in a new way?

Let’s start!

First, go to the website www.pinterest.com, and click on Join Pinterest (unless you already have a sign on!). You can either use your Facebook or Twitter account to join this site, or you can sign up with your email address.  Many people use the social networks Facebook and/or Twitter to share their Pinterest ‘pins’ with their friends online.  Follow the prompts to make a user account and personalize your account based on what your interests are.  Once you verify your email address, your account is set and you’re ready to go.  On your homepage, there are five main tabs in the top hand center of the page: “Following,” “Categories,” “Everything,” “Popular,” and “Gifts.”

If you click on Following, it will bring you to your main homepage (which is what you automatically log onto).  These are the interests you picked (‘pinned’) and are currently following. You can always add/remove these as you see fit and as you refine your current interests.  If you click on an image, there are different options of what you can do with this image.  You can click ‘repin,’ which means you will share that same photo on your page.  Or, you can “like” and/or comment on the photo (similar concept to Facebook).  If you want to follow that particular user who has shared or ‘repinned’ the image, you can click on the red tab that says  “Follow” on the top right hand corner of the box displaying the image.  To get out of the box displaying the image, simply click outside of it, and your browser will return to the original page.  If you want to go to the original website where the image is from, click a second time on the image itself, and a new tab will open displaying the original source.  

The second tab is Categories, which lets you browse all the available categories on Pinterest.  For example, let’s say you click on Quotes – it will take you to a pinboard only displaying different posts that have been pinned by other users.  By scrolling your mouse over any of these images, you can choose to ‘repin’ whichever ones you like!  On the other hand, if you click on the tab “Everything,” this will display pins from all the different categories on Pinterest.  

The fourth tab is “Popular,” which displays the newest pins circulating around Pinterest.  So this will be different on a daily basis, and you may find new things you like and want to share & repin!  The fifth tab is “Gifts,” and you can select the price range of what you want to view (or click on Gifts if you want to view all of them).  This will display ‘pins’ that are linked to sites where you can actually purchase a product.  Pinterest not only helps with sharing ideas, it also helps with gift ideas and the actual attaining of the gift!

On the upper right hand corner of the page, there are three more drop-down tabs: “Add,” “About,” and “(Your Username).”  If you click on Add, you can either add or upload a pin, or you can create a board.  If you click on “Add a Pin,” you can paste the link and select the image you want to pin onto Pinterest.  If you want to upload an image you have on your computer, click on “Upload a Pin” to find and upload the file.  If you click on “Create a Board,” you can choose what name you want for your Board, select what category it falls under, and add any other “Pinners” if there are other users who can also add to the Board you are creating! 

Under the About tab, the second option is the “Pin It Button.”  This allows you to add this icon to your Bookmarks bar, which makes it easier to pin any image you find on the internet to your page/board.   Pinterest is also available through your iPhone or Android devices.  Finally, under your username tab, you have the option of inviting and finding friends, viewing your board, browsing through your pins and likes, and adjusting your settings!  Happy Pinning!