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Howdy Doody Time

Howdy Doody Online Show [1]

“It’s Howdy Doody Time!” My memories of the show Howdy Doody come from my mom’s stories, but I was thrilled when I found this part of the history of children’s television. Some of you can revisit it, and for those of you like me who have never seen it, you can discover it now online.

Howdy’s History: This page includes an audio track and sections about the Howdy Doody Show, Remember When, Flashback, Trivia, and Howdy Doody Collectibles. The history section the Howdy Doody Show is lovingly written from the point of view of Howdy, and tells how the show started and ran with charm and humor. Did you know they aired almost 3,000 episodes of the Howdy Doody Show?

Doodyville contains Biographies, Buffalo Bob’s Corner, Games, Flapdoodle, and Story Time. Buffalo Bob’s Corner is the biography of Robert Schmidt who played Buffalo Bob. Like the history of Howdy Doody, it’s written with flair and a lot of fun facts. Information on the rest of the cast is in the Biographies section. In the Flapdoodle area, you’ll learn all about the gadgets used on the show.

Peanut Gallery! Did you sit in the peanut gallery as a child? You may want to check out the Great Peanut Search and share your experience. You can also read about people’s experience as part of the audience. Classic Moments shares some of the great bloopers of the show. Some of these were really hilarious. In the Legendary Peanut Gallery, you can find out which famous people sat in the audience as kids.

Howdy Doody and the Gang includes sections on The Cast, Puppeteering, Do’s and Don’ts, and Life According to Howdy Doody. In The Cast, you can meet the puppets of the show, which I admit I was highly curious about. In Puppeteering, you can learn about the people who puppeteered the show and how they did it. Do’s and Don’ts is dedicated to the part of the show where Howdy and the gang would teach children what was polite and nice and what wasn’t.

That’s just the beginning of the fun you can find on this site. All in all, this site is wonderfully put together with sound and pictures that make it a great deal of fun to surf.

~ Amanda

http://www.howdydoodytime.com/ [1]