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How’s Vista Doing?

Do you know how Vista is doing since its release? I haven’t upgraded yet, so I was just curious to see how things were going with it.

That is a wonderful question! I’m sure you’re not the only one who sort of sat back and waited for the Vista results to come in. I bet you’re interested in knowing how many people actually upgraded to the new Windows operating system and maybe even more importantly, how well they (and their computers) are getting along with it. I have found some interesting information on this, so listen up!

Vista has only been around for a week, so how well is it really going? Well, it seems to be going pretty darn good. According to retailers and distributors, the first week sales have been above their expectations. The most popular version that sold was the Home Edition, but the biggest surprise was probably that the Vista Ultimate (the full feature and most expensive version of the operating system) sold in high numbers. Of course, Microsoft was happy with it all.

The sales especially went up over this past weekend, because more people were able to get out to the stores to explore Vista. Along with all the initial sales, several people also took advantage of their free upgrades. Many computer companies offered a free Vista upgrade voucher to the people who bought new computers from October 2006 on. The upgrade disk came with all the new PCs in an attempt to raise computer sales for the Christmas 2006 season. The voucher program runs through March 15, 2007.

Two of the main computer companies to participate in the upgrade program were Toshiba and Dell. Representatives from both of those mentioned that several of their customers who bought new computers while the program was going on signed up and said they would do the upgrade as soon as it was available. So, all in all, the upgrade program was a very good marketing tactic.

While it looks like several home users have already taken advantage of Vista, the bigger companies and businesses will probably soon follow. After all, Vista has only been out for a week. It seems like corporate and government offices are taking their time when it comes to upgrading to Vista. They don’t seem to be as interested in moving up just yet, but it’s hopeful that they will be along soon.

Microsoft put a lot of effort into the marketing of Windows Vista and they think that has helped a great deal. It was received well by consumers, which obviously shows with the sales in the past week. Microsoft is also hoping that Vista will be even more widely used by Christmas time in 2007. Harvey Norman computer and entertainment general manager Rutland Smith said that “Christmas 2007 sales will take it (Vista) to the point where it has a significant share of the desktop.”

Also, there haven’t been too many “bugs” discovered with Vista, which is great. Of course, there are always the compatibility issues, but those are things that will work themselves out in due time. So, if you haven’t upgraded yet and you’re seriously thinking about taking the plunge (especially if you’re one of those upgrade program customers), this information may help you make your decision. Yes, new things are hard to get used to sometimes, but is it worth missing out on a brand new operating system that will help your computer to be all it can be? Think about it!

~ Erin