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Some HTML Basics

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It is useful to know how HTML code is written and then added to the web pages; especially nowadays when nearly everyone has their own internet identity to maintain. Let’s begin our discussion with a blank page with no contents but the standard HTML code.


As you know, the Body section of the HTML pages will contain all the information, contents and so forth. We will begin making a new paragraph and then add a simple text line to that this way: <p>Hello and welcome to my web page.</p> When the page changes have been saved and the file is accessed via web browsers, you can easily view the result. The text line displayed on the top left side.


An interesting option it to change the visual styles of the written parts. we continue writing the specific text line in the strong format and the edited code line would turn out like this: <p><strong>Hello and welcome to my web page.</strong></p>


Now, one more idea is pushing the phrase to the central spot on the browser page. There is a simple solution for this case enabled via addition of the center alignment code: <p align=”center”><strong>Hello and welcome to my web page.</strong></p> Now, by saving the work and viewing the page using a browser, the written text line would be seen in the middle and showing up in the strong form.


~Hamid Reza

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