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HTML in Gmail

HTML in Gmail

Are you one of the many people who have converted to using Gmail as their e-mail client? If so, you definitely aren’t the only one. Many people have made the switch, but there have been some upsetting things with Gmail in the past. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great program, but there were some things that it could have done differently to make it an even better e-mail program.

One of those things was to have an HTML editor from the get go. Until just a little while ago, Gmail didn’t support rich text formatting (another name for HTML). This means that you weren’t able to add any graphics or different fonts, etc. to your e-mails. You also sometimes couldn’t receive any pictures or anything in the e-mails you got from other people. Everything was just added in as plain text. How boring!

This was one of the biggest gripes about Gmail, because other e-mail clients were far beyond allowing their users to use HTML in their e-mails. Well, now Gmail claims they are even more ahead of the competition when it comes to making your e-mails prettier. Keep reading to find out how.

Gmail now has a rich text formatting editor, so you can send and receive e-mails with HTML content without having to worry about the e-mail being stripped down to regular text. All you have to do is enable the rich text editor, so when you receive and send e-mails, they will go through with all the proper coding, so your recipients and yourself will be able to enjoy your e-mails even more. You gotta love that!

To enable the editor, click on Compose Mail and then look right under the “Attach a file” link. You will see a link that says “Rich formatting.” Click on that and all of the rich text tools will appear. (Note: Don’t be confused, because the under the tools, you will see a link that says “Plain text,” but that’s only there if you ever want to change back to the normal text settings).

You can then just discard the message, because Gmail will remember your settings for the next time you want to send an e-mail. When you want to compose an e-mail, just do it like you regularly would. Check out all of the tools that are available for you and make your e-mail just the way you want it! You can add pictures, links, fancy fonts, etc!

If you want to add a graphical signature to your Gmail e-mails, you can create your image in any Web editor like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Golive, etc. or even online sites like Geocities, GooglePages, Tripod and Lycos. Once you have your graphic set the way you want it, select it and copy the whole thing. Then head back to your Gmail account, compose a new message and then paste the image there. You can then compose your e-mail the rest of the way and send it off. Your recipients will be amazed at the new e-mail style you have!

Again, if you ever happen to want to go back to plain text, just click on the same link again and it will revert back to the normal text settings. Also, if you don’t know a whole lot about Gmail and its signatures, but would like to, check here.


~ Erin