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HTML Instant

When I first started using the web as a teenager, I wanted to have my very own web site. At the time, in order to make a webpage, you had to know and be able to navigate the language of HTML. Now there are more languages that you need to know, like CSS, Javascript, xHTML, JSP, and PHP just to name a few.  Back when I started you also had to hand code everything, before they had web page editors that did the language writing on the back end while you did more of an insert and create on the front end (think Dreamweaver). 

Randomly, I decided I wanted to see if I still knew the HTML I learned back there, so I started looking for a site that would let me do a side to side comparison of the HTML I could remember vs. what it actually looks like (WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get) and I found HTML Instant. This site allows you to code on the left side and see what it looks like instantly on the right side of the page. 

The site also has a nice basic interface along the top with the options for Bold, Italics, Underline, Strike Through, inserting a link, inserting an image, but most importantly they have a downward facing arrow that if you click it opens up an option set for changing the language you’re programming in. I was glad to see all these options, because I was a lot rustier than I thought I’d be. 

This is a great site for people who have knowledge of web page creation to put together code and see the results instantly. This would be a great companion site to use while learning to create webpages because it gives you a canvas to practice on. Check it out today!

http://www.htmlinstant.com/ [1]