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Hulu Desktop


A while back, Amanda wrote about a coolsite called HULU.com. HULU is a site that allows you to watch all of your favorite TV shows without having to hunt around for them or do anything illegal. Here’s how it works:

All major TV networks these days put their newest TV shows on the internet. After a show airs on TV, they will put it on their website for people to watch. This is really awesome for people that don’t have cable, or forgot to watch their favorite show on the day it was first aired. The problem is that nobody wants to go to each of the network’s websites and hunt down the shows. For example, I watch shows on NBC, ABC and FOX. If I wanted to watch my favorite shows online, I would need to go to NBC.com, ABC.com and FOX.com to find the specific programs I wanted to watch. This can be a time consuming process since each site has different ways to find their shows. If they were all available in one spot, it would be much easier.

Well, that is where HULU comes in. HULU.com brings together all of the separate networks’ shows to one site where you can watch them all. Just sign up for free and you can watch all the TV you can put your hands on. How cool is that?

So until now, people that wanted to use HULU would have to go to HULU.com and watch the shows through their web browser. For many people this was OK, but for others (like me) it still seemed like something was missing. I always wanted to have a program on my computer that would connect to HULU so I could watch everything without needing to have my browser open. This is where HULU desktop comes in.

HULU desktop is a free program made by HULU that eliminates the need to use your browser to watch all of the awesome HULU content. Just download and install HULU desktop and start watching. This program makes it simple to browse through the thousands of TV shows and movies on HULU.com. You can even use HULU desktop to queue your favorite shows so you don’t miss anything.

If you want to check out HULU desktop, you can find it here: http://www.hulu.com/labs/hulu-desktop

PS: To use HULU desktop, you will need a HULU account. You can get one for free here: https://secure.hulu.com/signup