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Hunkin’s Experiments – 200 Cool Experiments To Try At Home

Brought to you by cartoonist, broadcaster, and engineer Tim Hunkin – you will find over 200 different experiments that you can do in your own home. How cool is that? 

You’ll be presented with a navigation menu right on the main page.  Choose one of the following experiment categories to explore: Food, Mathematical, Biological, Electrical, Office, Sound, Hobbies, Science, Clothes, Lights, Objects, and Miscellaneous. 

When you do you’ll be whisked away to that assortment of experiments. Each experiment is depicted in a cartoon making them fun and accessible for kids.

Somewhere among the 200 experiments is a trick experiment that doesn’t work. Can you find it? If you think you’ve found it, send an e-mail with the name of the experiment to the linked address on the main page. 

This is an awesome experiment site! I can’t wait to try a lot of these out!

http://www.hunkinsexperiments.com/ [1]