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Hyperlinks With Style

Hyperlinks With Style

Ever wish you could change the look of the hyperlinks (and just the hyperlinks) in one of your MS Excel workbooks?

And I’m sure that visions of highlighting cells and making changes one at a time are haunting you right now, aren’t they?

Well, don’t worry. I have a better plan than that!

The first thing you need to do is select a cell with a hyperlink as its contents. (If you’re having trouble selecting the cell because you keep activating the link, try either holding down the Ctrl key when you click the cell or use the arrow keys to select it).

With the cell selected, you’re ready to start the formatting changes. Go to the Format menu, Style choice.

When the Style window opens, be sure that Hyperlink is in the style name field at the top. (If it isn’t, use the drop down list to select it).

Now, click the Modify button.

The Format Cells window will open where you can make font changes as usual.

When you’re done with modifications, click OK once to exit the Format Cells window and then click OK again to exit the Style window.

When you return to your workbook, you should find that all of the hyperlinks have changed to meet your specific modifications.

So much for one at a time changes, huh?!

~ April