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I Could Read It on the Screen

I Could Read It on the Screen

Ever find yourself thinking that exact thing as you give an MS PowerPoint presentation?

I mean, you created the presentation and everything looked great on your computer monitor. Yes, legible, clear and basically, you thought you had a masterpiece. Since you didn’t have a projector handy, you saved your file, packed up your computer and headed off to your meeting.

Now, you’re standing in front of everyone, feeling irritated and embarrassed, as you try to compensate for what they can’t see.

Here’s a suggestion you may want to try!

When you’ve got formatting in question, try starting the presentation in the Slide Show View and then stand back.

Yep, get out of your chair and move back seven, eight or nine feet to take a look.

If it looks good on the monitor at a distance, you should be okay when it’s projection time.

Again, life really doesn’t come with guarantees and when it comes to technology, everything is at least worth a try!

~ April