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I Didn’t Know It Would Look Like That!

I Didn’t Know It Would Look Like That!

Ever print out your MS PowerPoint presentation handouts with a black and white printer?

If so, did you find yourself standing at the printer, completely disappointed with the way the beautiful color slides you’ve created turned out, when converted to the printer’s grayscale capabilities?

So, how are we supposed to know what it will look like before we print? You know, maybe even have an opportunity to check how it looks as we create the presentation.

Well, that’s a great question and I’ve got an easy answer for you! We simply need the Color/Grayscale button.

To preview your presentation on the screen in grayscale, click the button and choose Grayscale from the list.

Your presentation will immediately switch from color to grayscale and the Grayscale View toolbar will open for you.

It’s a simple toolbar of only two buttons: Setting and Close Grayscale View.

The Setting button opens a list of choices for how PowerPoint can handle the grayscale option on screen and when printed. You can use this button for individual objects or the slide background by selecting an element in the slide before making a choice.

If you choose to return to the color view, click the Close Grayscale View button, but don’t worry about those setting choices you made. PowerPoint will remember them for you.

Then when you go to print your presentation, use either the File menu, Print choice or Ctrl + P to get to the Print window. Then choose Grayscale in the bottom left corner.

That’s it. Now, your printed presentation will come out of that printer looking just like you imagined it!

~ April