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I Didn’t Mean to Make a Change!

I Didn’t Mean to Make a Change!

Are you an “accidental double clicker” in MS Excel?

Do you try to select or highlight cells, accidentally double click and then suddenly find that you’ve made changes to a cell’s contents?

If so, you just need to resort to the Undo button or the Esc key to reverse the mistake and then try the cell selection again.

Tired of repeating your work?

Wish you could stop Excel from allowing the changes right inside the cell?

If you’re thinking, “Yes,” this is the tip for you!

It’s just a matter of a small change in the Options menu to keep the accidental changes away.

In older versions of Excel, you’ll need to use the Tools menu, Options choice and then go to the Edit tab.

Uncheck the “Edit directly in cell” choice and click OK.

In Excel 2007, you need the Office Button, Excel Options button and then go to the Advance section.

Uncheck the “Allow editing directly in cells” choice and click OK.

Now, when you double click in a cell, the cursor won’t insert itself into the data, permitting accidental changes.

Instead, you need to use the formula bar to do your editing, which, let’s face it, is an intentional change and should keep the accidental stuff to a minimum. Oh yeah!

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