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I Heart Radio

I love the radio! Especially internet radio since there’s a wider variety of artists that you can listen to that way. A few years ago, I brought you Pandora – a very nifty radio site that lets you create your own stations and decide what you like. I love Pandora and I use it at least once a week or more, but there are times when it gets on my nerves by playing songs that way off base. When I heard about I Heart Radio while listening to the radio in my car I leapt at the chance to give it a try.

I guess you can I say that I heart – I Heart Radio. Maybe it is because it is shiny and new, maybe it is because I can listen to local radio stations, or maybe it is because I can check out the live performances from the I Heart Radio concert that was in Vegas. Whatever it is, I can’t get enough of this site!

It is kind of the same premise as Pandora: you can create custom stations, but instead of being trapped in discovery mode you can choose three different styles of music selection for your station. You have the option of Familiar Artist, Popular plus Discovery, and More Discovery. As you’re listening, click the thumbs up or thumbs down icon for the song you like or dislike and you’ll start tailoring the station to your preferences.

Now, if you know that if you want to do customization of anything on the internet you usually need to register for an account to save your preferences. I Heart Radio is no different in that respect, but unfortunately you can only login with a Facebook account. (I personally don’t mind this – but I know that some people dislike it).

If you already have a Facebook account you can F-connect and login with your Facebook handle which gives you the ability to share what you are listening to on your Facebook Timeline. If you don’t have a Facebook account you’ll have to get one in order to save your preferences on the custom station you created. It is free and easy – just click the F-login button at the top of the page and when the login pops up click the Sign Up for Facebook link in the bottom left corner.

I really love that I can listen to local radio stations via this platform. I don’t have a radio in my house since we’ve started buying our music digitally we no longer had a need for one.  But now I can stream my local stations right to my computer and listen to them whenever I want.

I also love that they have a free app so that you can listen to I Heart Radio on the go via my cell phone. This means that when I’m in the car and there is nothing on the radio I can just open up my I Heart Radio app and listen to music I know I love because I made the station.

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