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I Put What In The Custom Dictionary? Now How Do I Get That Out Of There?

I Put What In The Custom Dictionary? Now How Do I Get That Out Of There?

Here’s the scenario…

You’re running a spell check in MS Word, cruising along and suddenly you realize that you just accidentally clicked the Add button in the spell check window.

In other words, you just added your misspelled word to the custom dictionary. Now the incorrect spelling will be accepted as correct.

What do you do?

Constantly hope that you’re able to catch the typo?

Well, we all hope that’s not the only solution, and fortunately it’s not.

Did you know that the custom dictionary can be edited?

We can get that typo right out of the list!

Ready to find out how?

Yeah – I thought you’d say that.

So, let’s get busy.

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Tools menu, Options choice.

In the Options window you need to go to the Spelling & Grammar tab.


In the middle of the window you’re looking for the Custom Dictionaries line.

See the Dictionaries button on the right?

Click it.

The Custom Dictionaries window will open.


Here you’re looking to click the Edit button.

Word will probably warn you at this point that the automatic spell checking will be turned off. (You know, the feature that underlines the misspelled words in red.)


Click OK. (Don’t worry about it—we’ll cover turning the automatic spell checking back on in a minute.)

A text only document will open in Word with a list of words you’ve already added to your custom dictionary.

At this point you can go in and delete the “oops words”.

As a bonus you can also add words directly to this list. If you have a list of names or technical terms you frequently use you could choose to add them here all at once, instead of one at a time as they come up in various files.

To make additions to the list simply type a word you need in your the hit the Enter key. (Word formats the dictionaries with only one word per line so it’s important to remember to hit the Enter key between words.)

When you’ve finished editing the Custom Dictionary, save and close the file. (If Word gives you a warning about the file possibly containing formatting that Text Only will not support it’s ok. Click Yes to save the file.)

Now let’s get back to the business of turning the automatic spell checker back on.

You need to go back to the Tools menu, Options choice.

Once again, we need to be on the Spelling & Grammar tab.


This time you need to check the Check spelling as you type option.

Click OK.

Well—I think that’s all for now.

And the neatest thing is that your English teacher was wrong, you can make up your own dictionary!

~ April