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iBooks Control Panel

Yep,  print is dead – at least in my house it is. The quiet sounds of nighttime page flips and dim, yellow glow of “itty-bitty book lights” has been replaced with sterile, white high-beams of touch-screens as the wife and I poke through our latest buys on iBooks.  And while this new medium has bolstered our literary library, the page turns are missed. 

Thankfully, iBooks has a slew of options build in for both users and sufferers of the extra-bright light in the room.

Check it out.

In iBooks, tap the font icon, as shown below. It’s deceptive, because while it does let you change your font, it also lets you do a whole bunch more, like make the font bigger, change the brightness of your screen, or even customize the look and functionality of your iBooks experience. 

For example, touch the Themes button and you can choose white paper, sepia paper, or (what I think is a great idea) to reverse the print, making it less harsh to the eyes and your bed partner. 

It sure makes a good argument for making the eSwitch to an iDevice, doesn’t it?