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Ice Alaska

Ice Alaska [1]

Welcome to the World Ice Art Championships page. It’s here that the boldest ice sculptors compete for the win. The winners receive medals, cash prizes and the thrill of knowing they were the champs!

You can find navigation both at the top of the page and on the side menu. Of course, what we want to look at are the 2007 photos. With almost 50 entries into the contest, there is plenty to see. The table is set up so that you have the title of sculpture (which is linked to the picture), then the Category, Country/State and Team Members.

When you click the title link, you get to look at several pictures of the sculpture. Some are a work in progress, while others are the finished pieces, both in the day and they light up at night. Back on the photo page, you’ll notice a link at the top for Past Photos.

In the Past Photos section, you get images from 1999 to 2006. You can click the first link to the year or you can choose to just look at the winners from certain categories. You can even get Webcam footage from the 2006 competition. Pretty cool, huh?!

Back on the homepage, if you scroll down the page, you can find a link to Stonehenge in Ice. Click the continued link and you can see how it was erected in ice at the competition, step by step. You’ll get interesting little tidbits about the build and you get the finished sculpture to look at as well.

Are you ready to explore a winter wonderland of sculptures made of ice? Check it out today!

http://www.icealaska.com/ [1]

~ Amanda

Ice Alaska

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Ice Alaska [1]

What is Ice Alaska, you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya. It is the World Ice Art Championships. Check out the Web Cam and see the last picture that the Web Ice Cam took, which is Jur-Ice-Ic Park. You can also check out the information for next year’s event, and the tentative schedule.

Then, if you check out the Single Block Classic, Multi-Block Classic, the Amateur Open, and the Slide and Feature presentations, there are tons of really cool ice sculptures. Like the Three Wishes: a giant single block carving of a genie. Or the Dragon Protector, and many many more that are all very cool.

Make sure you check out the slide shows to view everything from baseball players sculptures to pictures of the artists themselves. They change every ten seconds and flip through a multitude of pictures.

I particularly liked the ice castle on the front page and if you move your cursor over it you’ll find that it is a roll over picture so that you can view both the night time photo and the day time photo.

This is a very chilly cool site.

http://www.icealaska.com/ [1]