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Idaho Potato Commission

Are you sick of just eating baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, or mashed potatoes? Well here at the Idaho Potato Commission you can find tons of recipes to jazz up your potatoes.

In the Recipes section you have the option of their excellent search engine to find a recipe from their database. Or you can browse section by section. They have potato recipes in the following categories:

Appetizers/Small Plates, Baked, Breads, Breakfast/Brunch, Casseroles, Desserts, Dipping Sauces, French Fries, Hash Brown, Instant/Dehydrated, Main Dish, Mashed, Microwave, New, Pancakes, Pressure Cooker, Salads, Scalloped/Au Gratin, Side Dishes, Skins/Twice Backed, and last but not least Soups and Stews.

That’s a lot of potato recipes and quite a few of them are delicious. Especially the Pesto Potato Squares in the Mashed section. Yum! Make sure you check out the contest winners for recipes that are exceptionally healthy.

In the Consumer section you can check out the Potato FAQ, Nutrition Information, Photo Album and Potato Videos. In the video section you can watch Tater Vision and see information on how potatoes are harvested, their nutritional value, French Fries, and their current commercial.

This site is spud-licious.

http://www.idahopotato.com/ [1]