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IE 7 Picture Problems

IE 7 Picture Problems

Are you one of the many who are now using the new Internet Explorer 7? If so, I’ve got some great information for you today, so let’s go check it out!

There are a couple of things one could do when it comes to seeing graphics in Internet Explorer 7. You could configure IE 7 to either display pictures or if you want to save some time while you’re browsing the Web, you might even hide the graphics. Well, either way, would you like to know how you can do that? If so, please read further.

If you browse the Web with Internet Explorer 7 on a dial-up connection or if you’re browsing a Web site that appears particularly slow, you may wish to prevent the browser from taking its time loading and displaying the images. Doing so will display boxes where the images are supposed to appear on a Web page, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Likewise, if for some reason Internet Explorer 7 is not displaying the images on Web sites and you want to be able to see those pictures, you can turn this feature back on. Here’s how.

1.) From Internet Explorer 7, click the Tools menu.

2.) Select Internet Options.

3.) When the Internet Options multi-tabbed dialogue box appears, click the Advanced tab.

4.) Scroll down to Multimedia and check or uncheck the Show pictures box, as you desire. Refer to the below screenshot for help.

5.) Click OK to close the dialogue box.

Note: This option only disables picture viewing when pictures are referenced normally in the source Web page. Images loaded from scripts, Flash animations, Java applets, etc. may not be affected by this configuration option.

Happy picture seeing (or not!)

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami