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IE 7 Pro

IE 7 Pro

I have an awesome program for you today! It’s called IE 7 Pro and its main purpose is to help you add new features right to your Internet Explorer 7 Web browser. It’s simply amazing, so let’s check it out!

This program allows you to add such features as saving forms, download management, control of the browser with mouse movements, spell checker, advanced tab control and many, many more. IE 7 Pro is a free download and it has so many features, I would never be able to cover them all. Truly, after downloading IE 7 Pro, I don’t know how I could ever go back to using IE 7 without it!

For more information about IE 7 Pro, its features and to download it, just visit this Web site. You will also find a video there that shows off some of the features, as well as, a great review by some of the Download.com staff writers. I hope you enjoy this one!

~ Gary