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IE 7 Released

IE 7 Released

Have you heard the news? It took us all by surprise, but the latest version of Internet Explorer (it’s number 7) has finally been released. We weren’t really expecting it to be completely finished until December, but Microsoft announced its release on Wednesday, October 18.

If you recall, not too long ago, I ran a tip about the most recent beta version of IE 7, called RC1. Well, forget that, because you can now download the full and complete version (if you want to!) IE 7 is the biggest upgrade for this popular Web browser since the year 2001 and it promises to bring new features aboard that will help with prevention of online fraud and increase the ease of use. After the release of the Mozilla Firefox browser in 2004, Microsoft is trying to stay up to date with Internet Explorer as well.

If you use Windows XP, you can download IE 7 right away. It is also designed to work right along with the new operating system, Vista, when it comes out. So, if you’re planning on getting IE 7 and Windows Vista, you’ll be all set. Microsoft said that the new version has been well received by everyone who has used it thus far, so you may be in for a real treat! And well, there’s only one way to find out. Download IE 7 now, right here. Enjoy!

~ Erin