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IE Favorites Center Shortcuts

Do you have any keyboard shortcuts for the Internet Explorer Favorites Center?

But of course! Just consider us your one-stop shortcut shop!

Let’s talk a little bit about favorites, shall we? Internet Explorer has something called the Favorites Center, where all of your most loved and cherished websites can be stored and accessed. Perhaps you knew about that already, eh? Great! That means that these Favorites Center shortcuts will add to your repertoire and your browsing prowess will be upgraded, indeed!

Give these a shot!

Ctrl + I – Open Favorites

Ctrl + Shift + I – Open Favorites in pinned mode

Ctrl + B – Organize Favorites

Ctrl + D – Add current page to Favorites

Ctrl + J – Open Feeds (For RSS Feeds)

Ctrl + Shift + J – Open Feeds in pinned mode

Ctrl + H – Open History

Ctrl + Shift + H – Open History in pinned mode