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IM Forwarding

Last week, I told you all about using your cell phone as your very own personalized instant messenger. I told you that if you have instant messaging and text messaging enabled on your cell phone, you can chat with anyone who is using a computer with it. But, what if you don’t have the chat features on your phone? Is there any way you can still do it?

Fortunately, there is. If you don’t have an instant messaging enabled phone, you can use what is called IM Forwarding. For this option, you just have to be able to use text messaging on your phone. With IM Forwarding, you can still have have instant messages sent to your phone when you’re not by your computer. The main chat program that uses this is AIM.

You just simply have to sign your phone up for this feature so AIM knows to forward your instant messages to your cell phone instead of leaving them on your computer. You can sign up and learn more about IM Forwarding on AIM’s Web site [1]. Click on the Services tab and choose AIM Mobile and that will lead you to more information, etc.

It’s just another option for you in terms of instant messaging. Don’t ever miss an IM again with this awesome service!

~ Erin