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ImageSplitter is an awesome website for the basic things you might need to do to an image you’ve uploaded. You can resize/convert, split, or crop an image.  It is very easy to use, so much so that I found myself quite impressed.

How does it work? Well you begin by uploading the image you want to edit to the site. Just click Browse button to select an image from your computer, and then click the blue Upload Image to upload it to the site. Now that you have an image uploaded you can edit it on one of three tabs.

By default your picture will load on the Convert and Resize tab where you can resize the image by changing the values in the width and height fields then click the blue Resize Image button  which will prompt you to save or open the image. Or you can convert it by selecting the file type you want from the drop down box that reads jpeg and the clicking the resize button and deciding where to save the image. The file conversion options are jpeg, bmp, gif, png, and ico. Do you need to convert and resize an image? Well you can do both at the same time by editing both fields and then clicking the blue Resize Image button.

Would you rather split an image? I feel like this is the fanciest option of the three. I don’t know how often people need to split images, but if you do they have provided a very easy way to do it here.  After your image uploads you can click on the Split Image tab to switch to the form to split the image.  You can change value of the rows and number field to create the number of rows and columns you want, and then click the blue Split Image button. It will then ask you if you want to save or open the file, just like the resize image section does.

The option I use the most is the Crop Image function.  Upload your photo and then click the Crop Image tab. Here you will see your image grayed out.  Drag your mouse over the part of the image you want a box will appear that shows the image clearly. Where the values for editing are in the other sections you’ll find the left, top, width, and height values for the image you are cropping, as well as a preview image. I find it easier to drag the crop box around on the image to get what I want than to enter values into the fields. Once you have the image the way you want it click the blue Crop Image button, and then save the image.

This site offers a wonderful and easy tool to use to resize, convert, crop, or even split images. And best of all it’s free! Check it out today!

http://imagesplitter.net/ [1]