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Import Facebook Friend Birthdays To Google Calendar

It’s just great to make friends feel special, and wishing them well on their birthdays is one simple way to do that. For a tech-fueled generation, Facebook does a great job reminding everyone of their friends birthdays. However, at times we happen to overlook those reminders. On the other hand, emails are a core part of our daily activity, and Google Calendar has a great option to notify via email. So if we can get notified about birthdays via email, there is a high chance we we won’t forget about them again.

Let’s see how we can do that.


 1. Log-in to your Facebook account, and on your homepage look for the button “Events” and click it. It can be found under “Favorite” menu on the left column.


2. As you get to your “Events” page, you will find upcoming events and birthdays of your Facebook friends. Hit the gear icon at the top right corner of the calendar (refer screenshot below) and click “Export”.


3. From the new window that pops up, click the link that says “export your friends’ birthdays”.


4. When you click on that selected phrase a new window will pop up asking for your permission for application launcher (in Windows). Choose your web browser (in my case it’s Mozilla Firefox).


Note: This will happen unless you have selected a default application for handling actions pertaining to calendars.

5. After you choose your required launcher, you will get a “Webcal” link of your Facebook friends’ birthdays calendar.


6. Copy the link from the browser address bar.

7. Now log-in to your Google [1]  [1]Calendar [1] account, search for “Other calendars” and click the arrow icon. You will get a list of options. From there choose and click “Add by URL”. Paste the webcal link that you have copied earlier within the URL box and hit “Add Calendar” button.



8. Now you can see that a new calendar has been added named “Friends’ Birthdays”(Listed under Other Calendars). The problem is that these entries are not meant to generate reminders. So the next step is to set reminders.


9. Click the arrowhead beside the “Friends’ Birthdays” calendar and choose Notifications.


10. In the notifications page, choose Add a reminder and select Email from dropdown and a time that fits you.


11. You can also check the other notifications if you choose so. Once all are set, hit the Save button to save the settings.


12. You will now see an alarm clock icon beside every entry in the newly added calendar.


So now you can always be the caring friend, busy sending a greetings on every birthday thanks to technology and the automation it offers. 

~Soumen Halder