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Improve Your Email Experience with Windows Live Mail

Pam from Ohio asks:

“Is there anyway to use outlook express in windows 7?”

The answer to that question is “Yes and no.”

Hope that helps.

~Randal Schaffer

Not enough?

Okay, then we have to start by talking about the behemoth called “Windows Live”.

Microsoft wants to be in on EVERYTHING that you do on the computer. They want you to use their web browser, their media player, their anti-virus. And a benefit of that is that they make all of this stuff work very well together, and work well with Windows.

When Windows Vista was introduced, the IM tool that we had always known as “MSN Messenger” became “Windows Live Messenger”, and Windows Live was born.

A part of this is that they integrated Outlook Express into Vista, and called it “Windows Mail”. The latest version of this, Windows Live Mail, is incorporated into Windows 7, and fully integrated with the Windows Live system


The interface remains largely unchanged from the original Outlook Express, but with some minor tweaks to make it look more like Windows 7 and work more efficiently.


Windows Live Mail does, though, include some features not included in Outlook Express or Windows Mail. In Windows Live Mail, you’ll find; photo email, enhanced security for scanning incoming messages, RSS right in your inbox, quick views, custom layout of the interface to tune the software to your requirements and multiple email account configuration, including Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!Mail. (For Yahoo!Mail, you need to hold a premium account at Yahoo!).

There is also greater integration with the Windows Live system. For instance, one tool on your Windows Live Mail toolbar allows you to blog directly to your Windows Live Space.

There’s also a button on the upper right of your Windows Live Mail screen that will allow you to access your Live Messenger account.

So the short answer is “no, you can’t use Outlook Express with Windows 7”, but a fuller answer would be “Windows has replaced Outlook Express with a more powerful tool that will allow you to do everything that Outlook Express could do plus some new stuff that you couldn’t do before.

Hope that helps.

~Randal Schaffer