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So, you know all about the environment around you and your home, right? So, what about with your instant messenger program? This may seem impossible, but Yahoo! Messenger has found a way to turn all that around. Yahoo! came up with the great idea of creating an environment for their instant messenger program and they just so happened to call it an IMVironment. What all does an IMVironment entail? Well, let’s find out!

An IMVironment is a type of theme that you can create for your own Yahoo! Messenger profile. The theme you choose actually shows up in the chat window whenever you send an instant message to one of your friends. The IMVironment themes range from cartoon characters to cars to traveling to foods to sports and so on. There is definitely something for every Yahoo! user!

You can use your IMVironment to convey your personality or just to show how you’re feeling on a certain day. With them, you can also participate in interactive games with your buddies and even share exclusive photos, music and other media formats. As of the present time, Yahoo! is the only instant messenger program that supports IMVironments. If you’d like to browse through the themes Yahoo! has to offer, you can do so link [1]. Have fun, everyone!

~ Erin