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In The News 01-06-2012

In The News 01-06-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology

iPad Rumors

What’s Coming Next?

It’s a new year, and we all know what that means.  Fire up the rumor mill!  The tech world is no stranger to rumors, and 2012 won’t be an exception.  The big talk already this year is the potential of a brand new Apple iPad.  iPad 2 hit record sales this past holiday season but that’s not putting any brakes on the hopes of a new iPad 3.  The questions now are when it will be released and what kind of features/upgrades will it include?

Many people believe that Apple may release a cheaper iPad.  The iPad had no solid competitor until recent months, when Amazon released the Kindle Fire.  The Kindle Fire, which comes in at $300 cheaper than the lowest priced iPad, sold close to 4 million in December.  This has led to speculation that Apple will release 2 tablets: one in the traditional iPad design and another of a 7-inch screen variety to better compete with the lower priced Kindle Fire.  Other features that are said to be rumored are a faster processor, a sharper screen, and voice control using Siri, which was first introduced last year as a feature on the iPhone 4S.

We may not know when are how the new iPad will be released, but if Apple’s recent history tells us anything we know it will be a hot seller – whether it meets consumer expectations or not.


Verizon Fee

Verizon Charges You… Then They Don’t

Are you a Verizon Wireless customer?  You may have heard the news about Verizon implementing a so-called “pay-to-pay” plan.  This plan involved Verizon charging a $2 fee for customers to pay their bills online or pay over the phone.  Verizon made certain to include ways to avoid the fee, such as automatic bill pay, but customers were already not happy.

Verizon officially backed away from its $2 fee plan last Friday after large amounts of negative customer feedback.  The fee not only stoked the ire of customers, but it also caught the eye of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Customers ripped into Verizon using social media and online petitions, calling for an end to the fee.  It happened in only a matter of a day and customers successfully put enough pressure on Verizon to change its mind.


App Store

That’s A Lot Of Apps

This past holiday season was huge for app downloads.  A whopping 1.2 billion apps were purchased during the holiday week between Christmas and New Years.  This number includes the combination of both iTunes App Store and Android Market app purchases.  In comparison, the weekly average between December 4 and 17 were only 0.75 billion weekly downloads, which equates to a 60% increase in sales during the holiday week. The reason for the surge in downloads could be explained by the large amount of new phone activations and customers looking to fill up their new phones.  According to Flurry, nearly 6.8 million iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas Day alone.