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In The News: 02-07-2014

Nintendo Boss Takes Pay Cut

It’s not a secret that Nintendo Wii U game console has been a major disappointment to the the company.  Less than 6 million units were sold in the past year. More Xbox Ones and PS4s were sold in two months of release.  Now the bosses will be feeling the pinch. Saroru Itawa will see his paycheck cut in half and several other top executives will see a 20% or more pay cut. 

Company Offers Facebook Yearbook

This may go against the whole idea of social media, but a company is offering a “yearbook” of your Facebook activity. My Social Book  [1] will include your photos, status updates, check ins, likes and comments in a handsome bound edition that you can put on your bookshelf. You can choose content from a specific range of dates or pick an entire year’s worth of posts. According to a press release, you can go as far back at 2007 to choose material.

 Pricing starts at $11 for a 25 page book.

Texting While Walking Ruins Your Posture

There’s a reason not to walk and text besides the danger that you’ll walk in front of a car or run into a tree.  Scientists say that people who text while walking hunch their shoulders forward and don’t walk in a straight line, adopting the type of posture usually associated with the elderly. This posture puts you in greater danger of falling.

~ Cynthia