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In The News 02-10-2012

In The News 02-10-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology

Facebook Photos

Deleted Photos Not So… Deleted.

You know those Facebook photos you deleted 3 years ago?  Well it seems like they not be as deleted as you think they are.  It seems as if the photos themselves are removed from the site but can still be accessed if you have the photo’s static URL.  It’s still there. We all have reasons to delete photos, whether it be an unflattering photo, family drama, or that person you dated that you’d rather just forget about.  The problem is that these so-called “forgotten” memories are very much alive, sitting on Facebook’s servers.

This problem was first discovered by the website Ars Technica 3 years ago and they’ve found the problem still persists today.  After being contact, Facebook claimed that they were working with their CDN (content delivery network) to better manage deleted photos.  Facebook spokesman Frederic Wolens has claimed their CDN will have photos delete within 45 days.  Until then, just remember that whatever pictures you post to Facebook will probably be there for awhile after being deleted.


Netflix Crosshairs

Better Watch Your Back, Netflix

It looks like movie streaming service Netflix is in someone’s crosshairs.  DVD rental company Redbox and Verizon announced on Monday that they’re joining forces to create a streaming movie service, which will put them in direct competition with Netflix.  Not many details have been released yet but the goal is to have the new service up and running in the second half of this year.

Currently the plan is to offer a subscription, similar to Netflix, and have movies available for tablets, TVs, and smartphones.  The plan also includes making the service available to everyone and not just Verizon customers.  The joint venture is taking aim at criticisms often pointed at Netflix, which includes claims that the movie streaming giant does not offer enough newer content.  Further details were not released, but we will be sure to hear more about Verizon and Redbox working together as we move further into the year.


App Economy [1]

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There’s A Job For That

It’s no secret that job creation is in the front of millions of people’s minds lately.  While we may be seeing slowing growth, and losses, in various industries, there is one that offering a glimmer of hope for the future.  TechNet, which is a bipartisan network of tech execs, have released a study that shows close to 466,000 jobs have been created since 2007 in the “App Economy”.  2007 was the year the iPhone was first released, and since then apps have taken off at an unprecedented pace.  California is the leader, being the most app-friendly state, however app-related jobs are not confined solely on the coast.  Obviously, with the idea of apps being so young, these numbers can change drastically in a short time, but it looks like the App Economy is the wave of the (immediate) future.