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In The News 02-17-2012

In The News 02-17-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology


It’s Baaaack….

Myspace.  The word brings fear into the hearts of thousands and, if you’re like most of us, we thought the social networking site had finally died.  Not so fast.  According to Tim Vanderhook, Myspace CEO, the site has gained approximately 1 million new users within the last month.  The big push this time around is actually focused on music as opposed to social networking.  The new owners, who include pop music and acting icon Justin Timberlake, state that Myspace offers access to over 42 million songs.  That 42 million would make it the Web’s biggest collection of free music.

Many thought that Myspace was finally dying out after being sold back in June of 2011.  The selling price, which went for $35 million, was exceptionally lower than the $580 million Myspace was paid for back in 2005 by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.  The path of Myspace now is less focused on social networking and more based on ‘social entertainment’. With the news of the amount of music Myspace is offering, it looks like the site we all once was dying has finally found some new life.

Apple Vs. Kodak

Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

For those that haven’t heard the news yet, Kodak is now bankrupt.  The photo company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month and more recently shut down their digital camera business.  Now Kodak is getting even more bad news, now finding itself in Apple’s crosshairs.  Apple is going after Kodak for patent infringement in areas such as its printers, digital cameras, and digital picture frames.  This comes as extraordinarily damaging news because Kodak had decided that printers would be one of its main areas of focus.

There are currently pending lawsuits that Kodak has aimed at both Apple and HTC over image transfer technology, so animosity between Kodak and Apple is nothing new.  The lawsuits against Apple, most recent of which came last month, may actually help shield Kodak against the new lawsuit against them.  However, if Apple gets its way, their lawsuit against Kodak will go to court right away.  It already seems that Kodak is up against the ropes, and Apple may be the one to finally land that knockout punch.

Angry Birds On Facebook

More Ways To Waste Your Time

As if they weren’t enough ways to waste your time on Facebook, Rovio brought us just another way to waste even more.  Rovio, the company behind the wildly successful Angry Birds game, launched the bird chuckin’ fan favorite on Facebook this past Tuesday.  Up until now Angry Birds has been mostly found as a mobile app, reaching up to 500 million downloads.

The new Facebook-based Angry Birds won’t be a whole new idea but it will definitely add some features that weren’t there before.  These features include extra levels and power ups as well as the ability to go against your Facebook friends’ high scores.  The move to Facebook has shown that Rovio is definitely focusing on the social aspect of their popular app and that the launch on Tuesday was “just the beginning” of a series of new features.