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In The News: 02-21-2014

Microsoft: Help Your Friends Switch From XP

How desperately does Microsoft want users to give up on XP? The company posted a blog asking people to help their friends and family switch from soon-to-be abandoned operating system.

The company urged readers to explain the seriousness of end of support to family members who just don’t get it and explained the online resources available for helping loved ones check their computers for compatibility.

Support for Windows XP end on April 8, 2014.

Is Microsoft Ready To Challenge Kindle?

Microsoft may be looking to take on Amazon, at least in the eReader department. The company placed an ad for a software development engineer to work on a team to develop a “groundbreaking interactive reading app for Windows, which incorporates books, magazines and comics.”

Microsoft has already invested $300 million into Barnes & Noble’s Nook venture, so it’s possible that a reading app would take advantage of access to that catalog.

Experts Warn Of “Most Advanced Malware Threat” Ever

We’ve warned you before about watering hole attacks [1]. And one of the most dangerous malware programs to use that method is called The Mask. This bit of malware tends to target governments, big-businesses and large organizations. It works by luring visitors to tainted websites that look like newspapers or government agencies.

Kapersky Security detailed the threat in an extensive report. They say the sophistication of this malware makes it one of the most effective they’ve ever seen.

  ~ Cynthia