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In The News 02-22-2013

In The News 02-22-2013
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology 


Big Announcement From Sony

Seven years. That’s how long it’s been since Sony released its popular (and expensive) PlayStation 3.  That all changed Wednesday when Sony announced their next generation system, the PlayStation 4 (no points for creativity, but points scored for consistency).

Besides actually not showing us the system itself (seriously), Sony gave us some important details:

– Specs include an 8-core CPU/GPU, 8GB of DDR5 memory (16x more than the PS3), and a local hard drive of unspecified volume and type (solid state anyone?).

– No PS3 backwards compatibility.  However, Sony will offer the PlayStation cloud so users can access old titles remotely.  So yes, Internet connection required.  Sony didn’t go into too much detail about how the cloud would work.

– Expected release: Holiday 2013.  Will Sony be able to keep up with the holiday demand?  All sources point to… no.

– The DualShock controller is back, with its reincarnation being called the DualShock 4.  This new controller will have a touch pad in the middle, a headphone jack, a “share” button for social capabilities, and a light bar for movement-sensing ability.

– You’ll still be able to stream using many of the popular video apps, including Hulu and Netflix.

– Social integration is being pushed hard (see also: share button on the controller).  Facebook is integrated into the system and will work with the PlayStation Network.

– One more thing.  The graphics look AWESOME.

 PS4 graphics

– Mike