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In The News 03-02-2012

In The News 03-02-2012
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 Metro UI

8 Is Here (Sorta..)

Windows 8 is finally here!  Well, at least the consumer preview anyway.  This also means the operating system probably has more bugs than a rundown motel, but hey, it’s cool!  It’s new! (Let’s hope it’s not another Vista!)

Despite the expected flaws of any preview release, Windows 8 hopes to usher in a new wave of computing.  Most current desktop operating systems feature the familiar “desktop-like” starting screen, complete with icons wallpaper, and some sort of “Start” button.  Microsoft, while not completely replacing that familiar user interface, has decided to make a drastic change.  The new interface that you will first experience on Windows 8 will be called Metro.  Metro features a tiled user interface, making it both easy to navigate with a keyboard and mouse but also, and most importantly, works well with touch screens.  The goal is a single common interface designed for both mobile devices and desktop PC’s.  As mentioned, the desktop is not completely lost, as it is accessible as one of the “app” tiles on the Metro user interface.

The consumer preview can be installed from Microsoft’s website.  Keep in mind, however, that you must replace your existing operating system in order to install the preview (not typically recommended).

 Apple Greater Than

Apple Is Worth More Than Waffles, Crepes, And Oil

It’s no secret that Apple is a massive company with high value, but did you know its value is worth more than many well-known countries?  Wednesday marked a milestone for the company as it hit the $500 billion mark in value, .  That makes it higher than the gross domestic product (GDP) of nations such as Poland, Belgium (mmm… waffles), Sweden (mmm… crepes), and Saudi Arabia (oil).  The $500 billion mark has only been hit a small handful of times by companies such as Microsoft, General Electric, ExxonMobil, and Cisco.

Apple shows no signs of slowing down either.  According to the company, their sales grew 73% last year while also posting the second-most profitable quarter in US company history.  This also comes at a time where anticipation is high for the new iPad 3, which is expected to be released next week.