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In The News – 03-07-2014

Facebook Gives Up On E-mail

Social Media giant Facebook has decided to give up on the idea of Facebook e-mail. Facebook e-mail addresses were introduced in 2010, but never really caught on.  E-mails send to a facebook.com address went directly into the user’s message box.  It’s not like the company is giving up on the messaging game. They just spent $19 billion dollars to purchase WhatsApp.


SkyDrive Is Now OneDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive will now be known as OneDrive. The company was forced to change the name of their cloud service because of a lawsuit filed by the UK’s Sky Network. As park of a settlement, Microsoft paid the network a nice chunk of change and agreed to change the name of their service. This was a major hassle for the tech giant, since SkyDrive was the centerpiece of their drive towards become a devices and services company and is an  integral feature of Windows 8 and the Office 365 subscription plan.

Along with the name change comes some new features, including automatic camera backup for Android, easier video sharing and a plan where they offer you up to 5 GB of free storage space if you refer your friends to the service.

 Smart Car Allows Deliveries To Your Trunk

Volvo is testing a smart car that would use GPS to allow delivery service to bring packages to your car. The system would then unlock your trunk to allow the delivery to be placed inside and then lock it again.

Volvo demonstrated the system at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The digital key system would allow parcel companies to notify you via an app that you had a delivery and you would then authorize the company to drop the package off at your vehicle’s location. 

The delivery option would be a feature of Volvo On Call, an app that allows drivers to heat or cool their car, check its location or even check the gas level using a phone or tablet.

Volvo says of the 100 people they tested this service out with, the majority liked it.

~ Cynthia