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In The News 03-16-2012

In The News 03-16-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology

 The New iPad

It’s Heeeeeere….

Wednesday of last week marked another big day for Apple as they released the newest version of the popular iPad.  The new version, which many thought would be named the iPad 3, was in fact simply named “the new iPad.”  The announcement of the new iPad came as no surprise since most people predicted it, but here’s the rundown of Apple’s newest tablet:

– New 9.7-inch “retina display” that boasts a resolution of 2047 x 1536 pixels.  That’s 3.14 million (pi million, if you will) pixels, for those keeping track.  In comparison, the current iPad 2’s resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels.

– Pricing will be the same as the iPad 2, ranging from $499 to $829 depending on storage amounts and data connection abilities.

– It will be available in the US on both Verizon and AT&T and make use of 4G networks.

– The new iPad will have a 5 megapixel camera, which is exceptionally better than previous models.

The new iPad will be available in the US and 9 other countries today (March 16).  The iPad 2 is also seeing a $100 price cut, bringing its Wi-Fi model down to only $399.  The price cut was introduced so the iPad 2 could better compete with tablets sold at lower prices.


 Instagram Photo

The App That Keeps Growing

Instagram is one of the most popular apps available for iOS devices, and it looks like it may be going beyond its Apple borders.  The app, which allows its users to take pictures, apply a number of vintage and artsy filters, and share them with friends, now boasts 27 million users and is looking to insert itself into the Android market.  At the South By Southwest Interactive conference, CEO Kevin Systrom waved around an Android phone with an Instagram prototype on it.

This may come as exciting news to many Android users since up until now, Instagram has been limited to iOS devices only (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).  The prototype is currently in beta but will be released to the public “really soon” according to Systrom.


Yahoo VS. Facebook

Yahoo Goes After Facebook

Last Monday Yahoo decided to go after Facebook and filed a lawsuit, claiming that 10 patents were infringed upon.  These patents are related to privacy, message, advertising, and even social network.  Yahoo hopes that Facebook will be forced to pay up on those patent infringements.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, Facebook is disappointed that Yahoo has resorted to litigation and that Yahoo has been a longtime business partner of the social networking giant.  This is a big step for Yahoo, who hired a new CEO in Scott Thompson back in January.  It also creates a problem for Facebook as they are in the process of going for public after filing for an initial public offering last month.