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In The News 03-23-2012

In The News 03-23-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology

Hot iPad

That’s Hot.

Apple’s new iPad’s sales are hot.  The new iPad is also, well… hot.  According to many early comments and complaints from customers, the new iPad is reportedly getting pretty warm to the touch.  Most of the reports say that while the heat is not enough to burn anyone, it’s still warm enough to be uncomfortable while holding.

Consumer Reports went to work to help determine if the complaints from customers are in fact true about the new iPad (or iHeatPad… if you will).  They used a thermal camera and measured the new tablet’s temperature at 116 degrees Fahrenheit.  In comparison, the iPad 2 was measured at 13 degrees lower than the new iPad.  Many things are being pointed at as possible causes for the increase in temperature, including the larger graphics chip and larger battery.  The tech specs for the iPad also note that it is not meant to be operated in temperatures greater than 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sales for the new iPad are not looking to lose any heat.  Apple announced last Monday that it sold 3 million new iPads over the weekend (after its March 16 launch), making it the most successful tablet launch for Apple yet.  This may help to erase any doubts people may have had about the success of tablets overall.

 IdeaPad YOGA

…And On The Other Side.

Looks like Lenovo is aiming for the production equivalent of posting “First!” in a comment section.  The computer company is making it a goal to be first to market with a tablet using the new Windows 8 operating system.  Windows 8 won’t be ready for the general public until the fall but that’s not stopping Lenovo, as well as others, from being the first.

Many speculate that Lenovo’s first device with Windows 8 will be the IdeaPad YOGA, which was first shown at CES earlier this year.  The YOGA is a four-in-one device that can switch from laptop to tablet.  It can also be put into tablet positions, including an easel setup, flat, and propped up.

As mentioned earlier, Lenovo isn’t the only one joining the Windows 8 race.  Other companies working on tablets include Dell, Nokia, HP, and Asus.